What EDITORS are saying about "BOOMERISH":

"This strip is GREAT! I love it!"

"Everyone is delighted that we're adding your work."

"LOL I love your stuff Steve!!!"

"We're having good response to the cartoon! Glad to have it."

"GREAT STRIP!!! Thanks for the laugh!!!"

"Your work is impressive: well-executed, cleverly written, with a distinct style. The positive reader reception to your work in Life After 50 is no surprise."

"We love the strip and how it "zips up" the editorial page."

"Great job! I LOVE your strips!"

"We did crack up today in the office when we read them."

"I think theyıre great and youıve captured baby boomers."

"HEY!!! Did anyone ever tell ya...you're a funny guy!!!"

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