Dylan Groover is a community college instructor, teaching Environmental Studies. Generally a realist and a person who lives in the present, he finds himself frustrated that some of his students feel that if a person or an event took place before they were old enough to remember it, then it must not be of any importance.

Ronette Groover, Dylan's wife, is a free-spirited artist working in ceramics and printmaking. She is more of an idealist, and is troubled whenever her ideals from her younger hippie-ish days crash into conflicting walls of today's reality.

Arnold Groover is their grown son who disappoints his parents by embracing materialsm, money and selfishness, while refusing to use his birth name: Aquarius.

LaVerne and Hoover Groover are Dylan's aging parents. They still live independently but are a source of concern for Dylan, who rebelled against them in his youth but helps watch out for them in their senior years, not entirely without a little friction.

Kwame Swahili (birth name, Stokely Jones) is a longtime friend and colleague of Dylan’s who teaches U.S. History and Black Studies at the same community college.

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